Investing made social.

Selfolio enables you to stay up to date with trades performed by your friends and the best investors from around the world. Who knows - those two titles may not be mutually exclusive one day!

Seamlessly link and manage your accounts.

Connect your accounts from popular investment platforms and choose which ones to display on your portfolio

Accurately detail your returns over time.

Ever wondered what actually happened to those shares that you bought 3 years ago?  Break down your portfolio returns by displaying customizable metrics through different time frames

See what the top investors are buying.

Is your portfolio focused on crypto? ETFs? Do you just want the highest returns possible in the current market? Filter through portfolios constructed by top investors globally and see what moves they're making. Like what you see? Subscribe to gain insight on each and every decision and add their reasoning to your playbook. Booyah!

Become a top investor.

Remember - your portfolio is discoverable by anyone else on the platform as well. So bolster your returns and catch the attention of like-minded investors and gain a little bit of extra cash for your future purchases. Or, gain the ability to flex on your friends that did slightly worse. How you see it is up to you

The safety of your information is our #1 priority.

No, seriously. That's why we've partnered up with SnapTrade to ensure that your portfolios are constructed in the most secure way possible

How is my data being stored?

Your data is fully encrypted during both storage and transit (utilizing AES-256 encryption), meaning that it's completely inaccessible to other end users

Will my credentials be safe?

We've partnered up with SnapTrade to help integrate your investing accounts from other platforms. SnapTrade leverages OAuth2 connections whenever possible to avoid the storage of your login credentials